Zinnebeeld / Zinnebeeld & Geen Bitter

Zinnebeeld wanted to create a new typeface, suitable for web and print, firm yet refined. They collaborated with the typeface designers of Geen Bitter. Together they created the typeface called Zinnebeeld.
Mercator and Akzidenz could be Zinnebeeld’s grand parents. Zinnebeeld is the grandchild that goes its own perky way. We seeked a combination of a diligent dockworker and the finesse and elegance of a noble lady. The result is a very practical typeface of distinguished beauty.
In first this new typeface is exclusively used by the graphic designers of Zinnebeeld. In the future Zinnebeeld and Geen Bitter might decide to bring this typeface to the market.

  • Project Credits
    • Creative Directors: Zinnebeeld & Geen Bitter
    • Designers: Thom Janssen, Jorn Henkes, Rogier van der Sluis
    • Project Client: uncommissioned
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    • Initiators: Tijl Akkermans, Bart Driessen