17.6 Miscellaneous Printed


  • Included here are all printed works that do not fall under any of the other print categories.
    If similar submissions from more than 15 different participants are received,
    a new category will automatically be created.


  • Miscellaneous digital.
  • Design that fits under any other category.


  • The design must have been published in the previous calendar year, and can’t be self-promotional.
  • See previous winners in this category here.

Files to prepare

  • Save image files and/or digital photos of the design as JPG (1372px wide, RGB, 72 dpi).
  • These images will appear in the winners' gallery, if your design is awarded.
  • Upload the images via this site.

What to send

  • Depending on the nature of the implementation, requirements might vary. In case of doubt,
    please contact European Design for further instructions.
  • Please send one physical sample of the design when possible. In case of large-sized applications,
    send printed photos mounted on A3 or A4 foam boards. Mark them on the reverse side
    with your submission code.
  • Place the sample/printouts, the CD/DVD and a business card in an envelope and post it
    to European Design's Greek office (to arrive no later than 28 February).