17.5 Student Projects


  • The Student project category is special. It has no requirement of the work being published
    but it must still have been finalised in the previous calendar year. It must also be the result of a school assignment.
  • The fee in this category is 40 euros.
  • Students may enter any of the categories in the ED-Awards as long as they fulfil the requirement 
    of the design being published for a customer. In this case they pay the standard fee. 


  • Any design (printed or digital) that would have fitted in another category, had it been published.
  • Published school projects are also eligible in this category.


  • Projects not initialized or assigned by the school.


  • The project must have been finalised in the previous calendar year.
  • See previous winners in this category here.

The Prize

The best entry in this category will be awarded with:

  • An ED-Awards trophy
  • 1.000 euros in cash
  • Entrance to the ED Awards Conference and Ceremony

Files to prepare

  • Save image files and/or digital photos of the project as JPG (1372px wide, RGB, 72 dpi).
  • These images will appear in the winners' gallery, if your design is awarded.
  • Upload the images via this site.

What to send

  • Please send one sample of the project, if applicable. Mark it discreetly with your submission code.
  • A graduation certificate or a signed letter from a school professor, verifying that this is indeed
    a school initiated project, completed during the previous calendar year. The letter must include
    the professor’s contact details.
  • Place the sample, the CD/DVD and a business card in an envelope and post it
    to European Design's Greek office (to arrive no later than 28 February).