17.3 Exhibition Design


  • Exhibition design, including fixtures and display stands for events such as large
    public exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and temporary displays for business,
    museums, libraries and galleries. 


  • Display stands
  • Displays for museums and exhibitions
  • Displays for trade and science fairs 
  • Informational panels


  • Way finding systems
  • Designs made for self-promotional events/occasions


  • The designs must have been created in the previous calendar year, and can't be self-promotional.
  • A series of fixtures and displays is considered as one submission subject to a single fee.
  • See previous winners in this category here.

Files to prepare

  • Save image files of the sign or display as JPG (1372px wide, RGB, 72 dpi).
  • You may also include digital photos of the signs or displays in the environment
    they were designed for (980px wide, RGB, 72 dpi). 
  • These images will appear in the winners' gallery, if your design is awarded.
  • Upload the images via this site (no later than 19 February).